Biker and GrassRoutes founder Graham May is #8 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list.

Photo from Graham May.

Photo from Graham May.

If I were to put it simply – Graham May, #8 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list, is pretty awesome.

May is one of the founders and coordinators of GrassRoutes – a group of passionate youngsters who aim to make a difference by biking across Canada, presenting to youth groups along the way and raising money to support various environmental initiatives. Their journey started on June 1st in Victoria, BC, and ends in August in Newfoundland.

May knows that this is going to be a challenge, physically and mentally – and he couldn’t be more excited for it. “My role provides me tremendous opportunity to develop leadership & tangible organizational skills,” May said in his application. “I know I will be faced with diverse challenges on such a large project, which, in overcoming, will develop innovation and initiative in ways I cannot predict.”

The reason for his extreme bike ride comes from his belief that the environment must be protected from human impacts, and that youth have to power to make these necessary changes. It’s a skill he undoubtedly learned at the Coast Mountain Academy, which he was a student in a five-month intensive outdoor leadership and environmental education program. Here, his cohort led grade seven classes into the wild and taught them for three weeks while gaining enough experience to achieve eco-tourism certifications. May’s strong work ethic and outstanding leadership skills have set him apart from the pack, receiving rave reviews from all references.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with this man’s initiative and drive to make a change. He’s chosen a unique path that combines his passion for adventure with his passion for the environment. I know I’ve been following the GrassRoutes blog, and I hope you’ll check it out, too.