One Small Step for a Researcher, One Large “Leap” for Antibiotics.

photo by michaelll I

photo by michaelll I

Antibiotic drug resistance is a growing problem within our healthcare system and is worrying for many who predict that eventually, we might get to the point that there is no drug strong enough to kill whatever bug is plaguing us at the time. However, a new step by researcher Dr. Lipsky and colleagues may open up a new field of antibiotics that help ensure drug resistance isn't a problem.

The African Clawed Frog has long been known for its unique ability to avoid infection after surgical wounds without the use of antibiotics.   Lipsky has been able to isolate these compounds and use them to manufacture a new antibiotic that could promise a new field in antibiotics. In fact, a recent article has shown that this topical antibiotic could be an effective replacement for oral antibiotic treatments for some minor infections.

While this is certainly good news for preventing antibiotic drug resistance, I think we can also see this in a conservatory light. We are just realizing all the potential drug compounds that animals and plants possess. Sadly, due to habitat destruction (especially in the tropics), millions of undiscovered species are becoming extinct even before we are able to explore their medicinal properties. I think we should ask ourselves: Is that new pad of paper really worth possibly missing a cure that could save millions of lives?

Colleen Bobbie