Don’t Wait for Change. Create it!

Photo Courtesy of Earth Day Canada

Photo Courtesy of Earth Day Canada

Earth Day Canada (EDC) strives to provide Canadians with the practical knowledge and tools they need to sustain a healthier environment. They educate, empower, and inspire all Canadians to achieve solutions to local environmental problems. On October 25-27, EDC is holding the “Beyond Green Environment Summit”  (BGES) at the University of Toronto. BGES is a great chance to explore environmental issues and develop strategies to inspire change in your community.

BGES will cover various themes related to specific environmental issues. Some of the themes being covered at the summit include: culture and consumption, food and agriculture, ethics and governance, and so much more! The workshops focus on particular issues, which gives you the chance to develop strategies, discuss topics in-depth, and of course, have some fun. With so many different topics being covered you are sure to be entertained and inspired.

The Starfish Canada will be attending the conference and will be holding a workshop. Based on our Let’s Talk Science activity,  the workshop is all about understanding that everything in our world is interconnected. Many of the environmental issues we face today influence each other; however, in order to create change it is important that we concentrate resources and energy on certain goals. At our workshop you will debate and discuss how these goals should be determined. You will also be discussing how political, economic, and social realms influence environmental decisions. We hope that you can narrow down which issues are most prevalent and why you think they deserve such priority.

This summit is your opportunity to experience some outstanding speakers, including Alex and Tyler Mifflin (of TVO’s The Water Brothers). After listening to speakers and learning more about environmental issues you can apply them to real world situations. The Beyond Green summit emphasizes the fact that you, yes you, can create change. Beyond Green will help you tackle with environmental issues in your community and guide you in developing essential strategies. So, come out on October 25-27 to learn, discuss, and have some fun- you won’t regret it!

We have 5 tickets to BGES up for grabs!

You can order your tickets to BGES here.

Be sure to check out the full list of themes, speakers and workshops on the Beyond Green website here.