Way, way Beyond Green.


Last weekend, Earth Day Canada hosted the Beyond Green Environmental Summit. Representing The Starfish, I had the chance to facilitate a workshop for a class full of energetic participants as well as attend a panel of presentations hosted by Adria Vasil, the bestselling author of “Ecoholic”. I was particularly inspired by the overall theme of the summit –of breaking through the silo of what has traditionally represented “green” or environmentally-sound activities and creating new pathways of change and creative solutions to the environmental problems that can sometimes make us feel hopeless.

The Saturday evening panel was composed of Ben Powless, Tzephora Berman, and Majora Carter, three inspiring individuals who shared their captivating journeys in environmental work. Although I was touched by each of their stories, Majora Carter left a lasting imprint on me. She definitely encapsulated the theme of the summit, the idea of going beyond the definition of “green” and applying innovative methodologies to our environmental initatives.

Carter discussed her journey with passion yet humility. She spoke about how she helped to revitalize an area in her neighborhood, helped create a program to train individuals on trades that can be used to support environmental stewardship activities, taking an interdisciplinary approach to urban planning, and inspiring her fellow neighbors to find unique solutions to the problem of gentrification

I appreciated her honest words, the simple compilation of a complex perspective, and the proof that a little bit of knowledge and a sprinkle of creativity can result in a life-changing reality.

If I could take all that I learned from this summit and compile it into a single word, it would have to be CREATIVITY.

Sometimes the best solutions are the most simple ones. Sometimes it takes the greatest creativity to come up with the simplest solution. Sometimes we can make a huge difference just by standing behind one another’s creative dreams.

Sometimes we can change the world with just a little bit of creativity.