How a plastic bottle changed the world: the story of Demi Solar

Photo by buidl-lemmy I

Photo by buidl-lemmy I

 In the Philippines, a man named Mang Demi has introduced an ingenious replacement for the household light bulb. In April of 2011, he developed water bottles that diffuse solar energy for light where light bulbs are not only scarce, but very expensive. This clean and inexpensive alternative to the common electric light bulb has lived to reap outstanding results in lower and middle-class shanty villages throughout the Philippines. More than 15,000 solar bulbs were installed in 20 Philippine cities since April 2011, saving residents millions of pesos in electricity bills. Fantastic visuals and more information can be found at “A Liter of Light”, the movement’s very own website.

There, they call him “Demi Solar”; a man who achieved great heights in the contours of innovation, ingenuity and improvisation.  There is something each and every one of us can learn from his outstanding capabilities through an empowering video of his innovative success as seen here.

Furthermore, I would like to take this precious opportunity to identify a very important social indignity we bring upon ourselves. It is of our nature and that of the entire cosmos to attain a state of better living; however, we keep tiring ourselves by entertaining the idea of mental frugality as an excuse for our inability to act on said ambitions. It seems like an infinite stretch for an individual to revolutionize a small community, let alone the entire world, but it does not have to be so. We must aspire to realize our true capabilities, as did Demi Solar, by discovering the wonders of ingenuity, innovation and improvisation by putting them to good use.

There is an unofficial but quite notable truth that I would like to share with you: If you think about it, the moment you apply a certain level of creativity, a world of wonders awaits you! The items in your computer desk drawer, the utensils in your pencil case, and even those in your backpack can all help to create a novel resource capable of bettering our lives, just add creativity! Now imagine all the items and resources available in the entire planet and you’ll soon realize there are infinite possibilities for innovation. All that we need is the will and the determination to think outside the box.

If Demi popularized the solar water bottle, we too can find a way to achieve similar feats within our communities, and if not, helping spread the idea to other nations is just as instrumental! Please like and share the movement using the respective social networking sites linked below. If you wish, you may also donate to the cause and help be a part of a small revolution. And remember, if there’s one thing we can learn from this story, it’s that we all have it in us. Show your brightness, illuminate the world!





Hakim Elayday