New Writer - Akosua Dei-Anang

Photo from Akosua Dei-Anang.

Photo from Akosua Dei-Anang.

Akosua is a half-Swazi, half-Ghanaian student studying at Ashesi University College. She has lived in Ivory Coast, Kenya, Tunisia, Italy and has decided to settle in Ghana to complete her undergraduate study. She has a passion for the arts and the environment and hopes to become a world renowned journalist.

When did you realize that you had a passion for the environment? What made you realize it? 

As a child, I moved around a lot to different countries, the places we lived in were a mix of the city and the countryside. I found myself loving the countryside houses more than anything. As I grew older my love of nature and the environment stayed with me, I enjoyed every green club from middle school through to university.

Do you have a favourite Starfish article? What makes it so special to you?

The Happy Planet Index: A New Measure of Societal Well-Being?  is my favourite article. I did more research on it and found a lot of interesting facts on it. My favourite quote is “we face social environments dominated by uniformity, a uniformity that stifles creativity and inhibits prosperity” I cannot agree more how true and tragic that is. I suppose this article struck a nerve with me.

If you could focus your energy on one issue facing the environment today, what would it be? How would you do it? 

I would focus my energy on seriously advocating for the use of solar energy in Africa. It makes no sense to me that a continent that has sun all year round does not use the most natural resource to their advantage.I would hold conventions and seminars, and strongly advise all the ministers of environment all over the African continent to attend and listen to the benefits of solar energy.

Do you have any green new year resolutions for 2013? 

I started a recycling project this year (recycling all forms of plastic) in my university. My greatest new year resolution is to see that through until I graduate. I guess that will be my new year’s resolution every year.

What would you like to see the Starfish accomplish this year? 

I would like the Starfish to focus on advertising themselves outside of Canada primarily. It is such a great magazine that it cannot fail going international. I have friends that read the issue all over the world, they would agree as well.


There you have it my friends. We have added four wonderful writers to our team, and we hope that you enjoy their work as much as we do! 

Tom Wiercioch