New Board Member - Andrea Moscoe

Photo from Andrea Moscoe.

Photo from Andrea Moscoe.

Andrea Moscoe is a masters student at The Porter School of Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University (Israel). She completed her undergraduate degree at Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo) in Environmental Studies and Geography. She is very passionate about our global world and international environmental issues. She loves sharing her knowledge and educating people. Her current field of research is water and energy conservation strategies and her future plans include changing the world. 

When did you realize that you had a passion for the environment? What made you realize it?

In high school, I was working at a grocery store and I was so appalled at how they did not recycle or compost. I bugged my boss and then management but as just a part time employee they ignored my suggestions. This was the first time I really understood that people have such disregard for the environment. It was very upsetting to me. After that I focused on educating my self more about the environment so I could be well informed and have people respect my opinions.

Do you have a favourite Starfish article? What makes it so special to you?

My most recent favourite article was Forget Bathing. I am all for water conservation and what better way to conserve water than stop bathing. Most importantly, the lack of access to potable water is a critical global issue. One person set out to fix this issue and he was able to invent a way to stop bathing. I think it is an incredible story and it truly is a story proving how one person can make a difference which is always a great reminder to all.

If you could focus your energy on one issue facing the environment today, what would it be? How would you do it?

I have a lot of trouble focusing on one issue because I am very passionate about many issues including agriculture, water, energy and transportation. These all are important aspects that are related to climate change so I guess overall my focus is on combating and educating people about climate change through different aspects. Each field that I focus in have many ways of educating people and helping improve our environment and quality of life. For example by focusing on local agriculture we reduce our ecological food foot prints while supporting local industry and getting a better understanding of what local land has to offer.

Do you have any green new year resolutions for 2013?

Consume less and live in a mud hut. Also, my goal has been to get my friends and family as well as my self to think differently about how they approach their everyday life and make simple changes that are better for the environment like walking instead of driving, eating more local produce and reducing energy consumption.

What would you like to see the Starfish accomplish this year?

I would like to see The Starfish tackle more controversial topics and become internationally known. The views and interesting unique posts from all the writers are excellent and I hope the creativity continues flowing making each and every post very enjoyable and informative.

Tom Wiercioch