Environmental Activism 2.0.

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As many of us get ready to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, a documentary film is set to tackle how young people are mitigating environmental challenges with new and innovative approaches.

Filmmaker Emily Hunter, daughter of Greenpeace co-founder Robert Hunter, will launch a journey around the world this summer to document the next generation of environmental leaders and their solutions.

“This emerging generation is getting active for the planet, from young people using online activism, financial measures of divestment to creative awareness raising with flash mobs. Environmental activism is no longer just about protesting and blockades, it is evolving,” says Hunter, writer and director of the film.

Activist 2.0 is an adaptation of Hunter's book, The Next Eco-Warriors (2011), published by Conari Press. This documentary flies in the face of complaints of youth apathy, as Hunter documents the untold story of the growing numbers of committed youth rising up with unique strategies to address environmental issues. While many scientist believe that the world will face an ecological tipping point with climate change, this character-driven film looks closely at the over three billion strong Millennial generation who are coming of age during this critical time.

“We are facing some serious challenges that no other generation has ever seen. We have to start evaluating what our tactics and strategies have been, because they haven’t worked,” says Severn Suzuki, daughter of David Suzuki and one of the activists Hunter interviews in the film.

The announcement of Hunter’s film also coincides with Hot Docs, the annual Canadian International Documentary Festival, launching April 25th. Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Avi Federgreen has signed on as producer, along with his distribution company, Indiecan Entertainment.

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