GreenRiders to the rescue.

Image by Leonard John Matthews |

Image by Leonard John Matthews |

There have been several attempts to try and curb or reduce the carbon footprint that every country seems to contribute towards.  Both developing and developed countries are producing a large amount of carbon dioxide, which is slowly damaging this planet. It’s not as if the human race is just calmly watching, either. Several solutions such as hybrid cars, greener parks, and the Kyoto protocol (if we are thinking on a large scale), are attempts to salvage this suffocating earth.

CleanTech, based in Finland, has come up with a new proposition that not only helps decrease the carbon foot print in Finland, but also helps users save money too.  GreenRiders is an easy way for sharing car rides (private vehicle, taxi, rental, etc.) among company personnel and other verified users. It is typically targeted at corporate organizations. On your laptop or mobile phone, you register to become a verified user of GreenRiders. If you are on your way to work, an application (specifically on mobile phones) will notify you if there are any requests from other GreenRiders users (which would be a work colleague), to be picked up along your journey. Alternatively, if you need a ride yourself, you can place a request, and the whereabouts of matching offers will be provided. After each journey that you make with a GreenRiders user, the app then records the amount of carbon dioxide emissions you have helped reduced.

As stated above, GreenRiders is primarily targeted towards corporate organizations. CleanTech Finland offers these organizations a corporate package which in turn serves their pricing strategy. The package also includes sustainable transportation training. This form of shared transportation cuts down the amount of money spent on fuel, reduces the amount of carbon emissions, decreases (in the long term) road congestion, and indirectly helps build employee relationship between workers.

Very straightforward and user friendly - but is it safe? Perhaps this is paranoia at play, but it would seem that kidnapping dangers could increase with shared transportation. The site reassures us that users are able to choose with whom they are willing to share a ride and corporate users can choose to share a ride only within trusted network of other corporate customers. For more information, visit the GreenRiders website



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