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Photo from THAAT Facebook page  | www.facebook.com/THAATDelivery

Photo from THAAT Facebook page 

| www.facebook.com/THAATDelivery

I recently spoke with Abram Bergen, the owner and founder of THAAT Delivery service, who voiced a strong belief in a sustainable Hamilton. The Hamilton Active Alternative Transportation (THAAT) system delivers local products using a fleet of bicycles equipped with trailers. Bergen’s experience in the trucking industry, both as a driver and in management, was a motivator in founding THAAT.  His former job changed his outlook on sustainability and was one of the motivations to found THAAT. With public safety concerns, harmful emissions, and road deterioration, delivery trucks are a burden to urban centres. The sustainable delivery system provided by THAAT creates an opportunity for local businesses to contribute to creating a healthier city.

Creating a sustainable city requires collective support from the public, local businesses, and legislation. THAAT has successfully challenged the status quo by assisting businesses and the public in becoming more sustainable. The willingness of local businesses to use THAAT’s delivery system provides hope for a more ecologically sustainable economy.

Bergen suggests that there is still a need for a shift in public perceptions and behaviour. It seems intrinsic that if you work or live in Hamilton, you would want it to be a healthy, clean city. The reliance on car delivery is an avoidable obstacle to a sustainable environment. A transition from our reliance on car delivery systems and an acceptance of alternative methods is essential in becoming more sustainable.

To fully overcome unsustainable obstacles, there is a need for legislative support of safer streets and possibly implementing an incentive system for businesses. Bergen suggests that if businesses were offered incentives to use sustainable delivery they are likely to adopt this method. Offering businesses a tax break or even buying them their own bicycle could be a contributing factor in persuading them to convert. Of course, the transition to sustainable delivery does not happen over night. Bergen realizes this and suggests that a gradual change is necessary.

One of THAAT’s goals is to completely displace delivery trucks in the city. In doing so, the streets will become safer for pedestrians, fellow cyclists, and even other motor vehicles. Trucks often become an obstruction to traffic flow on urban streets and contribute to safety concerns. In addition, THAAT is hoping to expand their services by offering household moving. This allows the public the chance to become more sustainable and even get a sense of satisfaction while moving your entire house via bicycle. Also, THAAT wants to provide rental bicycles and trailers so you can experience the emissions free alternative.

When Bergen was asked how he imagined a sustainable Hamilton, it was clear much of the necessary change lies in solidarity. With active citizens, efficient public transit, slower speed limits, coherent cycling infrastructure, and a strong local economy, a sustainable Hamilton requires cooperation from each facet of the community. A culture committed to collective action and positive change is undeniably fundamental in creating a sustainable Hamilton.

THAAT is constantly evolving and working towards creating a more sustainable city. With constant reflection, improvements, and unique initiatives, THAAT is an important contributor to a cleaner, more vibrant Hamilton. THAAT is always seeking to improve its services and make the transition to alternative urban delivery a reality. THAAT’s grassroots connection to Hamilton paired with its ambition and sustainable initiatives make it a valuable service for the city. The process of creating a sustainable Hamilton requires finding alternatives to our unsustainable lifestyle. But what are these alternatives? That is the question…and THAAT is one of the answers.

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