How I Plan to Change the World

When asked how they plan to change the world, Ms. Horst's grade 1 and 2 classes came up with some inspiring ideas. Ms. Horst was gracious enough to share some of the best responses with us, and we would like to share them with you! 

For the rest of this week, we will be posting some of the responses that Ms. Horst's classrooms wrote. First up, we have Leean and Nora!


I am in grade two and this is how I plan to change the world. I am going to plant more trees, throw things in the recycling bin, and close electronics when not in use. I could adopt a species that are endangered and take good care of them. Endangered species are in danger for being extinct or killed. There are so many ways to help take care of the Earth, like not throwing garbage in the rivers, oceans, and not polluting so much is helping the environment too. Did you know that polluting actually is like heat? It is sort of melting the ice in Antarctica. People are finding floating garbage under the ice in the north and south pole.You can start by picking up garbage from the ground.


My name is Nora I am in grade two, and this is how I can change the world. I will go around my street two or three times a week to pull out the weeds and help the plants. I will also pick up garbage in the water and on land. I will also help by helping people who are blind cross the street. I will help the Earth by using less water. I want to help the Earth in as many ways as possible and I don’t care if I get tired. I just want to help the Earth and I know that I can make a difference, and so can you!

Tom Wiercioch