Today, we read about how Elena and Aadi, students from Ms. Horst's class who plan on changing the world!


I’m in grade two this is how I plan to change the world. In every minute, you could make a difference! Not a small difference, a huge one! Grow flowers to feed the birds, recycle stuff and make things out of recycled items. You might think I am too small to do this, but you are wrong. Even younger kids can make a difference. Even if you just do one thing, it helps! Turn off lights when they are not needed. Don’ t swat bugs, put them on a piece of paper then put them out your house, back into the wild. Even though you don’t like bugs, do them a favor. Pick up garbage where its not supposed to be there. Never litter! Animals could choke on it, including your pets! Just do a favor for the Earth! It might make you happy! Don’t keep it to yourself..share it! Even family and friends can help! Make a huge difference and help the Earth! Be an Earth helper!


I’m in grade 2 and this is how I plan to change the world. I am Aadi and my idea is to turn off cell phones that my family is not using, turn off the TV, and plant some vegetables in my backyard. I will go to a website called to learn about the environment, play animal games, and learn how to save animals. Maybe I will even sponsor a kid in Africa.

AuthorTom Wiercioch