How I Plan to Change the World Part Three

Lindsay and Maya are quite the eco-warriors!


I am in grade 1 and this is how I plan to change the world. Whenever I see garbage, I will pick it up and I will sort it. Most of it will probably be recycling, but some people don’t know that it goes in the recycling bin. Another way to help the earth is by not cutting down trees. Do not smoke a cigarette and put in a garden. Once when I biked all the way to Starbucks, I saw smoke in a garden and it was a cigarette that still had smoke coming out of it. With the help of my dad, I did everything I could to make it stop smoking, then we picked it up and put it in the right place! 


I am in grade 2 and this is how I plan to change the world! I am going to pick up garbage wherever I see it. I am going to recycle every day and use both sides of my paper. Don't spit gum on the ground, that's littering! Give our world a hand or two, and be a helper to the place where we live, so we can stay healthy. Don't leave the tap on when brushing teeth. Don't kill plants or animals. Donate toys, cloths or anything! Don't smoke because its polluting the world! Love our world and take care of it! Be a hero and save the world!

Tom Wiercioch