'Green' is the New Motto.

The New Motto team |  newmotto.ca

The New Motto team |  newmotto.ca

Growing up in the 90's was a funny experience. Grunge was born. Grunge died. Pogs, Pokemon, and Nerf toys came and went. We went from VHS to DVD. Our generation was also witness to the birth of the the Internet, and  it seems like kids from the 90's have their professional lives intertwined in the world wide web. The internet, then web 2.0 (or is it 3.0 now?), then social media, have all become so fastened to modern society that not a day goes by without most of us going online.  You just proved my point by reading this article.

With such a revolutionary technology, entire industries have been created to build, maintain, service, and use it. From an environmental perspective, it is interesting to see how these industries approach sustainability, conservation and other 'green' initiatives. I figured that the best way to find out was to ask someone who is in the thick of it. A few weeks ago,  I spoke to the President of New Motto, Mr. Kyle Kuchmey. Based out of Hamilton, Ontario, his company provides  web, video, and social media services to companies.

Kyle has an unending curiosity for all forms of communication. Today, he is working hard with clients to effectively communicate their messages via all sorts of mediums. Yesterday, he was in a band where he channeled his creative energy to make a positive impact on people. In between, he realized that the rewarding feeling he got from playing a good show was the same as building a good website, and that his real passion was communication, in whatever form.

As a kid from the 90's, Kyle remembers watching the CBC's Nature of Things with David Suzuki and the environmentally charged episodes of Degrassi High and thinking about why conservation, efficiency, and overall respect for the environment was important. More recently, the word “sustainability” has had a greater impact on his life as he settles into married life, owning a home, and starting his own business. In many ways, Kyle sees sustainability as a foundation of happiness and well-being. He says, “It's tough to be happy if you're worried you may lose it all tomorrow”.  And this is why Kyle is trying to make his company 'green'.

Kyle wants a green company because he recognizes the importance of it. He believes that, “being green, efficient, sustainable makes sense on all levels I am interested in: health, economy, well-being of the future. I also appreciate the challenge of it”.  Because New Motto focuses on digital communications, his entire workforce can work remotely, reducing the 9-5 overhead of an office space. Also, very little paper is used aside from accounting and a trusty notebook. New Motto's fundamental footprint is power consumption. There is a reliance on constant up-time of web servers and internet connectivity.  Another challenge that he notes is the first impressions of the business. Some clients prefer the option of visiting a board room or studio space before a deal is made, and find an alternative approach unsettling. 

New Motto is engaging with new technologies and provides us with a snippet of the challenges and opportunities that our generation, the kids of the 90's, are facing today with regard to technology, business and being environmentally conscious. There is a sense of optimism I get from Kyle, he is weighed down by his own eco-footprint, but is taking action to do what he can in a sustainable way. Every little bit helps, and New Motto is an example of how some people are doing the right thing in a thoughtful way.


Tom Wiercioch