Green Venture: Environmental Stewards in Hamilton.

Photo from EcoHouse webpage  |

Photo from EcoHouse webpage

Within Hamilton, Ontario, there are many environmental organizations committed to creating positive change and helping citizens become more environmentally conscious. Green Venture is an organization that seeks to educate all demographics about environmental issues and facilitate ways to cope with these issues. With importance placed on serving and collaborating with every part of the community, Green Venture is vital in the transformation of Hamilton into a sustainable community.

Effort put towards reaching out to the entire community is necessary in gaining solidarity and communal activism. Green Venture works closely with the City of Hamilton, local businesses, school boards, faith-based organizations, volunteers, other community-based non-for-profits and charities. It is clear that Green Venture is committed to developing a strong relationship with the community as a way to help initiate the growth of a healthy, clean, vigorous Hamilton.

Pete Wobschall, Executive Director of Green Venture, says that the organization plays a supportive role in helping citizens becoming more eco-friendly. Green Venture is not a watchdog organization but rather gives “gentle pushes” towards positive change. The organization understands that one cannot make people do things they don’t want to do, but by offering sustainable solutions and educating the public via workshops, one can persuade them to make incremental changes.

The educational workshops offered by Green Venture appeal to the diversity within Hamilton and are developed to support everyone. In particular, the EcoHouse, an education demonstration centre, is a place where anyone can come to learn about environmental issues and achievable solutions. Often, school field trips are organized at the EcoHouse where students can participate in environmental education. It is important for youth to engage in this type of education because as Wobschall suggests: children are the “decision makers of tomorrow” and by helping them develop sustainable habits, perhaps it will translate into a greener future. Education also reinforces that our actions today have a far-reaching and definitive impact on the future. Becoming sustainable requires remedying past mistakes by searching for sustainable solutions. The impact we have on the environment today not only effects those living today, but future generations as well. By making changes today we can create a more sustainable tomorrow.

The transition to a more sustainable lifestyle is not always appealing. A complete overhaul of perceptions, beliefs, and behaviour can be difficult to accept. Green Venture makes this lifestyle change much more convenient, practical, and attainable. With products to help green your home or business, community clinics to create public awareness, and offering viable alternatives to unsustainable practices, Green Venture provides the essentials for you to become more eco-friendly. Through their work and collaboration with other organizations, Green Venture has made becoming sustainable accessible and most importantly, doable.

Along with the programs, initiatives, and supportive actions Green Venture is involved in, the commitment to an open forum is incredibly useful. By welcoming feedback from citizens and a desire for your input, Green Venture is dedicated to gearing their services towards the community’s needs. By welcoming suggestions from the community, Green Venture makes a space for innovation and creativity within their work- two essential traits when initiating change.

If you’re in Hamilton, get involved with Green Venture! Whether it be volunteering, exploring their website, or supporting through funding, Green Venture wants community involvement. The organization is instrumental in guiding Hamilton to become a sustainable leader and they cannot do it without the community’s support. Get green with Green Venture!

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Steve Watts