Graphic designing guru Sandy Leung is #21 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25.

Photo from Sandy Leung.

Photo from Sandy Leung.

Among the gathering of scientists, engineers, and politicians who are often the spokespeople for environmental issues, Sandy Leung’s talents allow her to bring a unique perspective to the surface.

“Sandy is a fantastic graphic designer, and impressive young environmentalist,” says Mary Lovell, a friend and fellow volunteer.  “Her love for the arts and sense of humour is the reason why she is such an amazing contribution to the environmental community.” 

Through visual arts and printed media, Sandy can bring out a range of emotions – especially happiness and laughter – in people who may not have otherwise experienced this type of exposure to environmentalism. 

Recently, Sandy designed a poster for Sustainable SFU’s participation in National Sweater Day, an energy consumption awareness event created by WWF.  Her poster was not only shared through social media, but also liked and shared by thousands of people from all different areas. This speaks volumes about Sandy's passion for not just creativity, but also environmentalism. “She lives every day of her life conscious of her impact. From a vegetarian diet to volunteering during a busy schedule for Sustainable SFU, Sandy has committed her daily life to working towards positive change and protecting our environment.”

Mary is sure to include all details about Sandy, ending with, “Also, she's hilarious.”

Congratulations, Sandy, on your #21 spot in this year’s Top 25!