Healing Our Hearts & Our Earth


Feeling loved is the best thing, ever. The feeling comes from many people in our lives. It comes from our parents, siblings, significant others, grandparents, friends, and many more people in our lives. Sometimes, the feeling comes in spurts, a little warm moment out of a week, a surprise from a friend you haven't seen in a long time or a selfless act from a stranger. Sometimes, if we're lucky, open, and work at it, love surrounds us for most of our lives. This makes loosing a loved one difficult, but something we all go through in our lives.

The loss of a loved one leaves us with memories. For me the memories of loved ones that I have lost, although sad, still make me feel loved. It is a wonderful gift that, even though they are no longer with us, loved ones still give to us on a regular basis. It is an assuring feeling knowing that the loved ones I have lost will always live on through me, and their memories.

We at The Starfish Canada have been thinking about this ideas of loss and memory and could not help but make a connection with our natural world. The notion that life, even after death, continues to give is a warming concept that, for me, shows how connected we all are with each other and our environment.

One of our co-founders had a sister who passed away two years ago and, on Saturday July 6th, we are running a tree-planting event called "Healing our Hearts & Our Earth" at McMaster University. The main idea behind the event is to plant in the memory of those that we have lost. Through this process, we heal our hearts as we do a positive act in the memory of a loved one; we heal the earth by replenishing it.

We are looking to our community to help us heal our hearts and earth together. We will be planting a large tulip tree together along with a variety of flowers at the foot of the Ravine Road trailhead on campus. For me, this tree will be a place where I can remember the loved ones I have lost and enjoy the rejuvenating nature of our planet.

We are looking for donations, and a few helping hands next Saturday. If you are interested in honouring someone you have lost, being there for someone who has lost a loved one, and helping the environment, please contact Tom at tom@thestarfish.ca for details.


Tom Wiercioch