Local foodie Chanel Ly is #24 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25.

Photo from Chanel Ly.

Photo from Chanel Ly.

Chanel Ly is a caring individual that sees greatness and potential in us all to become advocates for environmental protection and social justice. She is the former Simon Fraser University (SFU) Local Food Project coordinator for Sustainable SFU and will be continuing the same role for the re-named Local Food Program. She is also a former member of Sustainable SFU's Board of Directors. She's an activist, a changemaker, a thinker, a do-er and believer.

Her nominator states that, “there is not a person I've met who doesn't remark how surprised they are when learning of her age (22) I am nominating Chanel Ly because there is not a more deserving person I know. She was the one who motivated me to volunteer for Sustainable SFU and really she motivates me to do more”.

As the Local Food Project manager, Chanel organized the Local Food Fair in May 2012 to help support SFU's Farmers Market. The fair had tables set up to educate university students about different farming practices, composting, gardening and encouraged students to ask farmers questions. It attracted more attention to SFU's community, showcased SFU's sustainable community and promoted our Harvest Box program (members purchase local produce once a month).

For her tremendous work within the SFU community, and contagious personality and work ethic, it is clear that Chanel is a deserving nominee. Her work is helping people live with their local environment in a respectful and sustainable way. Great work!