Ontario's Aian Binlayo is #7 on the Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25.

Photo from Aian Binlayo.

Photo from Aian Binlayo.

Aian Binlayo is undeniably an example of what The Top 25 serves to highlight: the value and potential of youth in the environmental movement. Binlayo both embodies and believes in the importance and relevance of youth becoming green. He describes the eco-youth movement very eloquently: “It is us [the youth] who will really be inheriting the Earth, and it’s especially important that we act as true stewards right now.” At a young age, Binlayo recognizes the need for youth to act on environmental issues and has translated his passion into many successful projects. In addition, Binlayo has generated a positive influence on others through his inspiring work.

Binlayo has refused to back down from any tasks that may seem unachievable to others in his position. For example, he was the co-founder and head coordinator of the “Kill Your Bill Challenge.” This energy efficiency program has had incredible success, reaching across the 145 Southern Ontario schools in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. In addition, as elected student trustee of the school board, he steered a project that supported a board-wide ban on disposable water bottle sales. Binlayo’s ability to initiate change and generate support within schools is a testament to his belief in the youth movement.

Binlayo’s involvement with his area’s schools is thoroughly embedded in his commitment and endeavours. Along with the projects just mentioned, Binlayo was also the co-founder and head of his high school’s Green Club, as well as a founding and senior executive member of the High School Green Club Council. Binlayo has worked tirelessly to guide his high school in becoming certifiably environmentally friendly through the Ontario ecoSchools program.

A young, inspiring, and ambitious Binlayo has not let anything hold him back. His passion and innovation are something to be admired. Binlayo says that his   many successes and accomplishments are “just a matter of staying persistence and not giving up on what you’re trying to do.” While thinking, doing, and dreaming positive change, Aian Binlayo’s local efforts and enormous impact on his area’s schools, amongst many other initiatives, have rightfully placed him in our Top 25!