Vancouver's Cassandra Ly is #5 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25.

Photo from Cassandra Ly.

Photo from Cassandra Ly.

Cassandra Ly is one of the founding members of Youth 4 Climate Justice, an organization she started in high school. The organization is composed of a group of Vancouver youth who organize events in support of justice for our planet, and those who live on it. After speaking with Cassandra, it is clear that she loves Vancouver. She moved through various neighbourhoods in Vancouver when she was growing up, and always sought out ways to give back.

Youth 4 Climate Justice was one such project that came out of a talk with one of her leadership teachers about engaging youth, building momentum, and celebrating environmental work and justice. After some hard work, Cassandra and the other founders of Youth 4 Climate Justice organized a big celebration. But, most importantly, the organization continues today with a new group of students every year.

On top of founding Youth 4 Climate Justice, Cassandra has been interested in food security. Her work with the Kiwasa Neighbourhood House encouraged her to apply for the Global Resource Systems Program at the University of British Columbia, which she was accepted into and is excited to engage with.

I noticed a big passion for her community when talking to Cassandra. When I asked her what she wanted to do in the future, she immediately said she wants to be working in the community. She grew up volunteering in the many neighbourhoods she lived in, and would love to continue in a similar capacity. She mentions a passion project with the food security networks throughout Vancouver.

For her work with food security and the unfaltering passion for community, I am honoured to have Cassandra on our list this year.