Shorebird ecologist Johanna Perz is number 22 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25.

Photo from Andrew Johnson. 

Photo from Andrew Johnson. 

Johanna Perz grew up constantly engaging with the natural world. Growing up, she would take many long walks with her dad that blossomed into bird watching and identifying plants. This interest extended into her academic life, as much of her work as an undergraduate and now masters student revolved around wildlife biology. It has allowed her to travel across Canada and get to know its natural environment in a very intimate way.

Currently, she is back and forth between school and Northern Manitoba studying Whimbrel's, a specific shore bird whose population is declining. Her work is drawing many interesting insights to how climate change may be affecting species abundance and their habitats.

Her research is coupled with attempts at engaging youth. Through school presentations and photography, Johanna is always trying to get young people interested in the important and rewarding work that can be found in conserving and researching nature.

Fundamentally, Johanna finds nature therapeutic. Her work in the field, in absolute wilderness, gives her a feeling of peace. She hopes to spend her life keeping nature as wild as possible. For her work, passion, and connection with the wild world, we are happy to have Johanna on our list this year.