Burlington's Kale Black is #14 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25.

Photo from Kale Black.

Photo from Kale Black.

Kale Black’s impressive work with BurlingtonGreen began during his high school career as the leader of his school eco-club which led to a co-op position with BG. His unshaken dedication and contagious enthusiasm for protecting the environment propelled him into positions as Youth Program and Event Greening Coordinator as well as Helping Habitat and Go Green Kids Program Leader. Black’s innovation and undeniable impact on BurlingtonGreen has rightfully placed him in the Top 25. 

In 2010, Black worked closely with elementary and high schools by motivating and educating thousands ofyouth on becoming green leaders in their schools. As leader of the High School Youth Network (grades 9-12+), the Junior program (grades 7-8) launching in Fall 2013, and the Go Green kids program (junior kindergarten to grade 6), Black was instrumental to integrating all ages of students into BurlingtonGreen & their community partner's eco-projects & community events.

Through his work linking passionate young environmentalists with environmental action projects he has also helped facilitate the planting of tens of thousands of Native Species, the removal of countless invasive species and the diversion of tonnes of waste from the landfill. Black has also personally led environmental-focused workshops for over 6600 Children in Burlington, planting the seeds of inspiration in many young minds. 

Black’s ability to generate public support and create change also extends to the implementation of greener transportation. Black has worked with the city of Burlington to create the Burlington Transit Youth Ambassador program. This program has effectively developed a network to help Transit Ambassadors empower students to choose more sustainable methods of transportation, in particular public transit.

As a role model, Black is whole-heartedly committed to greening his community. Amy Schnurr, BurlingtonGreen's Executive Director, perfectly describes the impact Kale has on his community: “Our Earth needs more youth like Kale Black who continually and passionately demonstrates a dedicated commitment to help the planet locally, both in how he lives and makes choices and how he inspires other youth as an eco-leader.”

Black’s dedication to the environment has proven to be ultimately selfless. Rather than having traditional birthday parties, Kale instead chooses to gather friends and family for an environmentally friendly cause. Amongst his favourite birthday activities is planting willows and cattails. In his daily life, it is clear Black is committed and passionate about improving his community. As a young environmentalist, he is both educating and inspiring those around him to become more eco-conscious.

Black’s eco-enthusiasm has filled every corner of his life, driving his valuable work in his community. The Top 25 is proud to welcome a community leader, eco-ambassador, and inspiration like Kale Black.