Water advocate Sabah Ahmed is #10 on the Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25.

Photo from Sabah Ahmed.

Photo from Sabah Ahmed.

Sabah Ahmed has worked tirelessly to help resolve local environmental problems in Hamilton. In her efforts with McMaster University based organizations, such as MACGreen and the Office of Sustainability, Sabah started several campus initiatives. From promoting sustainable transportation to forming strategies around waste reduction, Sabah has had an undeniable impact on McMaster’s green initiatives.

Sabah’s passion for community improvement has sparked her work investigating the presence of lead in campus drinking water. This project involved Sabah researching Hamilton’s drinking water and eventually presenting her findings at the Mini World Water Day Conference in 2011. Impressively, Sabah suggested a new, safer method of filtering drinking water. Sabah’s sharing of her knowledge, skills, and dedication have helped make her community healthier, safer, and greener.

Sabah is also spreading her eco-knowledge by organizing activities for kids attending the Children’s Water Festival, which showcases the importance of Refusing, Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling. There is an inherent importance in educating and motivating youth about environmental issues. Sabah has embraced the value of educating others and is devoted to creating communal progress.

The local initiatives and efforts by Sabah have indeed produced positive change in Hamilton. Her tireless efforts involve a plethora of programs in the city and address a variety of issues. Her contributions to Hamilton organizations and beyond have surely had an impact on the direction Hamilton is heading. In an ever-changing city, Sabah has played a valuable role in shaping a beneficial future for everyone. Her vision, dedication, and appetite for change is exemplar of what the Top 25 represents.

The extensive list of initiatives Sabah has been involved in is proof that she strives towards motivating and creating change. Her direct involvement with cleaning the community, educating the public, and coming up with sustainable solutions has made her an undeniable influence in Hamilton. For Sabah, “nothing beats the feeling of seeing great ideas being implemented and watching my hometown slowly but surely work towards a positive change.” The confidence and belief in change is an important characteristic of a leader. She has proven to be a deserving nominee and has claimed a rightful place in our Top 25.