Global researcher Suzanne Perdeaux is #15 on the Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25.

Photo from Suzanne Perdeaux.

Photo from Suzanne Perdeaux.

With such a diverse resume which includes studying plant diversity in Hawaii, glacial boundary changes in Alaska, captive breeding patterns in China, and an array of local, community based education and awareness raising, it is no wonder that Suzanne Perdeaux on the Top 25 Under 25 list for the third year in a row! 

Much of her work was done within her community, and involves awareness raising and educating the public about environmental issues. Suzanne is involved with the York Region Environmental Alliance, where she has conducted online research about sustainable living. She's also helped to plan community events including the Windfall Ecology Festival for the last three years. Last January, Perdeaux completed the Earth Day Canada EcoMentors program, a program that provides the training and resources to help raise awareness and promote a healthier environment ( Suzanne says that, “as a facilitator and environmental educator, I hope to inspire and motivate youth to make a difference in their homes and community. Education and awareness of environmental issues is the strongest tool for making a change and I’m proud to be a part of an important program.”  Her desire to educate and spread awareness is also quite evident in the workplace; when she was working for Natural Resources Canada, she was part of the “Green Team,” a volunteer based group that encouraged co-workers to lessen their environmental impact though posters and events.  

In March of this year, Suzanne was accepted into the Master’s of Climate Change program at the University of Waterloo. The program is the first of its kind in Canada, and will focus on how climate change interacts with society and the environment. Suzanne describes this program as a “unique educational experience” and in the future she “hope[s] to be able to act as a technical advisor on adaptation and mitigation of climate change, while continuing to campaign for environmental protection as a whole." 

Congratulations, Suzanne, for being number 15 on the Top 25 under 25 this year!