Sustainability Educator Tesicca Truong is #2 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25.

Photo from Tesicca Truong.

Photo from Tesicca Truong.

Tesicca Truong is someone who has contributed significantly to environmental sustainability initiatives within Vancouver and beyond. 

Tesicca has done extensive work with the Vancouver School Board, helping to initiate ‘Plan It Earth’ and ‘Vancouver Youth4Tap’, two projects that have been very successful within the school board.  These projects have created opportunities for communication between different stakeholders in discussing how youths want their future to look.

Tesicca also spearheaded the first ever Annual Sustainability Conference within the VSB.  Here, an agreement was signed that would see fundraised money matched by the school board, and a total of $18,000 of funding provided for sustainability projects. 

‘Vancouver Youth4Tap’, which promotes choosing tap water over plastic bottled water has seen many achievements in only one year, including the installation of three new water refill stations from fundraised money, sales of 100 reusable water bottles, and the removal of bottled water from school vending machines.  Within the next five years, the group plans to phase out sales of all bottled water across the school board. 

Her friend Michelle says, “Tesicca is committed to the environment and general sustainability, including social initiatives. She is a terrific person who aims to invoke large-scale change through personal connections with individuals. In this way her enthusiasm for the future is infectious and encourages others to start taking action.”

Tesicca is able to effortlessly promote sustainability simply through talking to people regarding the issues she’s passionate about, but is never condescending or aggressive in her approach.  “If there is an event coming up she will almost always ask if you want to join her. Allowing people to make their own decisions and form opinions on things seems to be very effective at shifting mindsets towards particular directions.  She is typically so effective at communicating and inspiring others to join in her endeavours that people are always willing to learn more about the issue on their own, if not become a part of her team."

Michelle concludes, “Overall, she has taught me that positive encouragement works better than punishment, and that once you start talking to people it isn't so difficult to continue to do so. She makes me optimistic that we can incite change to improve the situation."

The #2 spot belongs to you, Tesicca! Congratulations on your many successes.