What Does A Wild World Mean to You? UPDATE



In the last few months CoalitionWILD has received many entries that have truly been inspiring. These projects show how engaged youth really are, and how many great ideas there are out there. We  here at the Starfish Canada were so impressed that we decided to highlight some of these projects over the next few months.

CoalitionWILD seeks to catalyse a social movement of people under 30 to create a wilder world. The initiative hopes to inspire and empower young people by providing a social media platform for innovative ideas, on-the-ground projects, activities and events, while focusing attention on the power of younger generations to initiate change. The best will be featured at the 10th World Wilderness Conference (WILD10) in Salamenca Spain, from October 4-10, 2013.

The initiative is simple, it asks how you (if you're under 30) would like to create a wilder world. As co-founder Simon Jackson explains, “'wilder world' is an open ended term. It can mean a lot, to many different people and on many different scales.”

Submissions have come in from around the world. Over 70 of the most engaged youth have shared their ideas on how to make the world wilder. Whether it is conserving rhino's, new forms of nano technology, saving dolphins, or restoring streams, CoalitionWILD seems to be showing that the world is filled with young people who have amazing ideas about how to improve our planet.

As WILD10 approaches, stay tuned, and get as inspired as we are!


Tom Wiercioch