Conservamos por Naturaleza highlights Peru’s silent conservation heroes.

Photo from Conservamos por Naturaleza website   |   

Photo from Conservamos por Naturaleza website 


In preparation for the upcoming 10th World Wilderness Congress in October, the Starfish has collaborated with CoalitionWild to announce finalists for its 'Wilder World Challenge'. Here, we present the stories of a passionate and innovative movement of people under 30, seeking to create a wilder world.

Over hundreds of years, individuals and communities have been committed to conserving nature throughout Peru. This constant effort and dedication to create a sustainable Peru generally went unknown until the 90’s. In the 1990’s, a campaign was developed to bring recognition and public support to conservation efforts in Peru. The purpose behind the campaign was to develop a platform to promote the active, willing, and dedicated civil societies who conserve the nature of Peru. The campaign also assisted in providing several legal tools in order to support conservation with a legal and regulatory system. Bruno Monteferri decided that recognizing active conservation efforts while encouraging public involvement is vital to creating a wilder world. Monteferri’s effort recognizing conservationists and sparking public concern have placed him amongst the top submissions in CoalitionWILD’s 2013 Wilder World Challenge!  

For the past eight years, Monteferri has been involved with the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law, who was instrumental in starting the original campaign in the ‘90s. Monteferri’s involvement with the organization led him to realize the massive amount of effort being put forth to conserve nature in Peru. As a result, Monteferri was motivated to create “Conservamos por Naturaleza.” His campaign, starting in 2012, functioned as a tribute to the people committed to making a difference in Peru. The campaign also served to inform the public and extend an invitation to help improve the country in which they live.

Conservamos por Naturaleza is a motivational tool whereby individuals can join this amazing social movement and help sustain a wilder Peru. In less than a year, those involved in the campaign visited 30 conservation spots, connected with 1200 volunteers, produced 25 documentaries, and made a presence on national and international media. Monteferri has found a way to bring recognition to the once unheard of conservation efforts occurring throughout the country.

Conservamos por Naturaleza also offers valuable information for those who wish to get involved with nature conservation in Peru. In addition, the public can propose land they believe deserves conservation and share their concern with other activists. This ability to highlight areas of concern, that may be overlooked, is instrumental in creating a flourishing, wilder Peru.

The success of this campaign continues to grow today with more and more people joining the conservation movement regularly. Despite there being more than 150 initiatives underway there continues to be limited recognition of the silent heroes in Peru. Monteferri has acknowledged this lack of recognition and is committed to give credit to those working hard to conserve nature in his home country. Monteferri’s campaign attempts to connect individuals who are passionate about keeping Peru a wild place in order to create a sense of communal effort. Furthermore, Conservamos por Naturaleza showcases work already happening in Peru as a way to inspire more positive change.

There seems to be endless opportunities to get involved with Conservamos por Naturaleza, which a testament to the vast amount of work being done throughout Peru. The amount of information, work, and motivation the campaign provides is incredible. When learning about the campaign you realize the importance of conserving nature in Peru- the vast diversity, ecological importance, and sheer beauty is undeniable.

The work by Bruno Monteferri to create large-scale awareness in Peru is admirable. His presence in CoalitionWILD’s Wilder World Challenge truly shows the strength and necessity of Conservamos por Naturaleza. Congratulations Bruno!