Kokou Elom Bayita: Informing and motivating citizens in Togo, Africa.

Photo from AJVSME facebook page

Photo from AJVSME facebook page

The opportunity to gather in solidarity and discuss issues of interest is a valuable experience. The ability to discuss issues with others, especially experts on the subject, can be incredibly useful. Campaigns, which revolve around environmental issues, can be scarce in developing countries and, consequently, excludes citizens from information and input. In Togo, Africa, Kokou Elom Bayita has initiated many valuable campaigns around citizenship, the environment, and the practice of hygiene/public sanitation. Bayita’s diligent work to organize individuals and provide a space for learning is outstanding. As one of the finalists in CoalitionWILD’s 2013 Wilder World Challenge, we recognize Bayita’s social beneficence and dedication to promoting healthier lifestyles for everyone.

For Bayita, life in a healthy and natural environment is a concern. There are many threats to the natural environment, which can be avoided through behavioural changes. Achievable, and often self-evident, actions can improve our environmental situation and contribute to a healthier life for everyone. The many threats that face nature are caused by our behaviour and can be addressed through changing our actions.

As Executive Director of Association des Jeunes Volontaires au Service du Monde Environnemental, Bayita intends for her campaigns to improve the lives of everyone involved. The aim of the organization is to promote environmental changes and improve the circumstances for those affected by the issues. In addition, the promotion of sustainable development and green job creation allows individuals to make the green movement part of their lifestyle. By having the opportunity to work a green job, individuals can contribute to environmental change throughout their lives. Those involved in the project can contribute to bettering their own lives, the lives of others, and the environment.

Another important aspect of Bayita’s project is to inform youth of environmental concerns and encourage them to take action. The conservation of natural resources is impossible today if there is a lack of awareness and recognition through civic education. Through her campaigns, Bayita addresses this vital building block of change and ensures that essential information is relayed to those who lack awareness.

Overall, Bayita’s mission is to actively involve all youth in the process of sustainable development. Bayita suggests there is a need to empower young people to become leaders, discover a fulfilling life path, and strive for change. Through conferences and workshops, skill development, and acceptance of responsibilities, youth can become active citizens and contribute to a healthier future.

By encouraging more eco-conscious and engaged youth, Bayita strongly believes we can create a wilder world. A wilder world, according to Bayita, is “an area in which all living beings are respected by all those who have a real conscious recognition of the environment.” In order to create a wilder world, which is sustainable for future generations, environmental citizens are required to manage the resources of the land and oceans for the benefit of everyone. In addition, Bayita suggests a wilder world is a place where we create, manage, and maintain protected areas, such as national parks. The promotion and creation of green spaces is an important aspect of sustaining a wilder world.

Bayita’s work in Togo, Africa surely makes an impact on citizens’ lives. Her commitment to informing and motivating youth to create change is amazing. Recognizing the void in knowledge and taking action to fill the social cracks is an incredible endeavour. Congratulations on being one of the finalists in CoalitionWILD’s 2013 Wilder World Challenge!