The World wants to hear your ROAR!

This past Saturday I had a really great opportunity to be a speaker at a youth conference. Present were 40 high school, Masters, and PhD students. Location was the Toronto Zoo.  This conference is run by the 'Adopt a Pond' Program, which is based on site at Toronto's animal kingdom.   

The 'Adopt a Pond' program provides educators, students and community groups with stewardship resources and educational opportunities to protect, restore and conserve wetland habitats and biodiversity. 'Adopt a pond' has six major off-site initiatives that address wetland conservation issues in Ontario.  This program also aims to connect with culturally diverse groups within the Toronto area to provide valuable information about environmental issues and available opportunities that youth can get involved with. The amount of environmental stewardship work that is being done in Ontario is amazing! Check out the web for the array of groups that are tirelessly working toward a better world. I guarantee you will find something that inspires you!  

For me, it was really great to be able to connect with this group of interested students and to speak to them not only about my personal experiences with environmental stewardship initiatives (including The Starfish!) but to also offer some insight about following your passion. I strongly believe that we (as the youth) are the voices of tomorrow. We have the responsibility to stand up for the issues that we feel strongly about. After all, the world wants to hear your ROAR. Let them hear it! 

Thanks to the Toronto Zoo for contributing to the GTA in this way! It was an honor to be part of this!