Learn more about Burnaby Mountain and the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

Photo: Tzeporah Berman.

Photo: Tzeporah Berman.

My running route is located in North Burnaby, along an amazing section of the Trans Canada Trail. Although hilly (friends have scorned me for not warning them of hills before accompanying me), it showcases some amazing views of Burrard Inlet. I often see fauna scurrying away as I run by and other joggers that greet me as we run past each other. But then I see other things, like the tanker traffic that comes in and out of the inlet, and the flames that burn brightly from the plant. It's Kinder Morgan's port, and not only do they impair my view of a breathtaking landscape, they're planning to put another pipeline through Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area - footsteps away from my alma mater, Simon Fraser University.

For the past few weeks, Canada has drawn attention to the action and civil disobedience taking place at Burnaby Mountain, British Columbia. It's been weeks of bravery and courage from citizens as they protect their right to a healthy environment - an environment that doesn't risk polluting our waterways and doesn't ignore the municipally designated conservation area that Kinder Morgan plans to put the pipeline through.

Residents, communities, and cities have clearly expressed their opposition to the pipeline's construction. Some of those leading the charge include the City of Burnaby and Mayor Derek Corrigan, who has written open letters clarifying the city's position and what effects the Kinder Morgan pipeline could have. Others include the City of Vancouver, along with multiple organizations that have signed a letter in support of the Caretakers of Burnaby Mountain.

Some friends and allies of The Starfish Canada have been involved with this act of peaceful acitivism. ForestEthics advocate and author Tzeporah Berman and other allies that worked to resist Clayquot Sound logging in the 1990's are up on the hill today. Top 25 finalists Tamo Campos and Hannah Campbell were also on the mountain with Tamo's mother, Tamiko Suzuki.

Source: Vancouver Observer.

Want to learn more about the Burnaby Mountain protests and the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion?

Metro Vancouver residents are also encouraged by people to show up to the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area and support the movement. There is no risk of arrest unless a clearly marked police line is intentionally crossed. The gathering is safe and welcomes dogs, children, and elders alike. For more details, join the Burnaby Mountain Updates Facebook page