Let’s make Hamilton a clean and green city!

Photo by LucenteDesigns | flickr.com

Photo by LucenteDesigns | flickr.com

As an environmentalist, I have taken an interest in cleaning up litter around my hometown. Recently, I happened to stumble upon a city-wide organization called Clean and Green Hamilton that provides the resources for community clean-ups. Clean and Green Hamilton strives to work with the community to create a clean and sustainable city for everyone. This committee provides a platform, the means, and support for local initiatives to beautify Hamilton. Of course, it is invaluable to have this type of municipal support system to lean on; however, the willingness of community members to get involved is essential for cleaning our city.

I attended a public meeting by Clean and Green Hamilton where individuals organizing clean-ups shared insight and feedback for committee members. At the meeting I was impressed to hear about all of the initiatives happening across Hamilton and the impact citizens are making on the environment. Through the feedback discussed at the meeting I realized that clean-ups are much more than just an event to pick up litter. These clean-ups are a chance to meet other dedicated individuals, share your ambition to clean the city, and realize you can make a difference.

Unfortunately, many Hamiltonians do not know of the initiatives and resources our city has. The clean-ups around Hamilton deserve more attention as volunteers work hard to beautify our neighborhoods. Attending the Clean and Green Hamilton meeting has encouraged me to take a greater responsibility and help create a cleaner city. It was most encouraging to meet like-minded individuals who want to help our environment. Although picking up litter can seem daunting, having other community members to share the experience with can be incredibly motivating.

Clean and Green Hamilton requires the effort of all Hamiltonians. The organization hopes that Hamilton can be recognized as a “sustainable, clean green community where everyone takes responsibility for, and has pride in, the environments in which they live, work, and play.” Residents, business owners, community leaders, and City of Hamilton staff should be pitching in to create a sustainable city. Instead of relying on someone else to clean our city each one of us can take part in creating a sustainable city.

If you are interested in attending a clean-up or learning more about Clean and Green Hamilton you can check them out here. In addition, you can check out the Tim Hortons Team Up Clean Up which a city-wide clean-up event during April. This program provides the tools and tips to keep Hamilton clean and green. Don’t be shy, grab a bag, put on some gloves, and help clean our city!