What does it mean to be a Top Environmentalist Under 25?

Photo by SabrinaDan | flickr.com

Photo by SabrinaDan | flickr.com

The Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 season always proves to be exciting and inspirational. It's a time where we get to talk to others about who's making change for Canada's environment in the youth movement and where they're headed. We get to hear about amazing work being done from coast to coast - and we get to reward them for their accomplishments. It's the most wonderful time of the year.

These finalists have been impacted by their accolades and it has inspired many to keep going with environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives. Here's a few of our previous finalists and what they have to say.


Graham May
Top 25 Finalist: #8 (2013); #8 (2012)

I say that being recognized on the top 25 list was exciting because of the company! It's an opportunity to join a community of young environmental leaders as diverse as our country. To nominators, I advise: what does the new nominee bring to this community? How can they build on the legacy built by generations of young Canadian environmentalists.



Holly Nesbitt
Top 25 Finalist: #19 (2013)

I was very excited to be recognized on The Starfish Top 25. Because the environment does not have a voice, cannot thank you, and does not pay you for being it's bodyguard, it's really amazing when other people recognize your efforts in what is sometimes a thankless task. Celebrating our achievements is a critical part of moving forward - it informs future efforts and brings community together. As a person at the beginning of my career, it's also encouraging to be recognized as making a valuable contribution to such a dynamic field.

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Tesicca Truong
Top 25 Finalist: #2 (2013)

Being nominated as a Top 25 Environmentalist Under 25 was both an honour and an affirmation that the sustainability work that I was doing was having an impact and that people were taking notice. Being a Top 25 recipient gave me a platform to speak out even more broadly about the issues I am passionate about and added to my credibility as an upcoming change maker.



Suzanne Perdeaux
Top 25 Finalist: #15 (2013)

Not only was it an honour to be recognized with so many passionate individuals, but it gave me hope for a future where we can continue to benefit from the incredible beauty and services that nature provides.



Alexandria Mitchell
Top 25 Finalist: #3 (2011)

Working on environmental issues requires commitment, passion, and a sense of dedication towards the collective good. Doing this work - whether it entails grassroots activism, local conservation, or coordinated public policy pressure - is an often challenging job. Being recognized by The Starfish re-inspired me to continue leadership in the field, by realizing how many others were doing great work, as well as the number of fellow youth watching and learning from the work of others. The Top 25 list is an excellent way to encourage young environmental leaders to continue their projects and their work in conservation and sustainability.

For more information and to apply for our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25, go to www.thestarfish.ca/top25.