Aian Binlayo of Harvard University is determined to green the planet.

Photo from Aian Binlayo.

Photo from Aian Binlayo.

AGE: 20

In the past three years of our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 program, Aian Binlayo has placed each time. Aian’s persistent work throughout the years makes him an outstanding representation of the role of youth in environmental issues. Every year that passes, Aian seeks to improve himself, expand his work, and find new ways to get involved.

Since his work in high school, Aian has had a shift in interest towards the economics of climate change. In particular, Aian is interested in what policy instruments can be utilized and amplified to combat climate change. His current education at Harvard University, where he is majoring in Environmental Science and Public Policy with a specialty in Environmental Economics, will lay the foundation for this future work.

During school, Aian continues to become involved in numerous environmental initiatives and organizations. In the last school year, Aian volunteered for the Harvard Council for Business and the Environment. This student-run non-profit organization provides consultation to environmentally conscious start-ups. The council offers advice on topics of improving commercialization strategies and growing as socially conscious ventures. This type of work is essential in helping shape projects into productive, successful, and socially minded endeavours.

Aian has also served as Managing Editor of the inaugural Harvard College Review of Environment and Society. This role involves being part of the first student-run publication that provides a multidisciplinary discussion of environmental sustainability. In this role, Aian worked closely with some of the world’s leading contributors to the field of environmental sustainability in order to produce content.

Aian has proven that determination, ambition, and participation are vital aspects in a young environmentalist. His tireless work and unending participation has led Aian to become a successful, innovative individual. Not only has Aian pledged to make a difference in Canada, he is committed to expanding his reach and truly being a steward of the Earth. His persistence and belief in positive change is incredibly inspiring. To build a greener future, we need individuals like Aian who are committed and eager to facilitate change.


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