BC's Rosalind Sadowski is organizing for more resilient food systems.

Photo from Rosalind Sadowski.

Photo from Rosalind Sadowski.

AGE: 23

Rosalind Sadowski believes that “food is a very powerful medium to effect environmental change, and in particular, paradigm change - especially to discover people’s attitudes towards environmental issues.” She has devoted her time to understanding the connection between food, climate change, and poverty, and in doing so, has led her to become involved with many agri-centered organizations. “When we work together, that’s when real change happens.”

At the University of British Columbia, where she received her Degree in Global Resource Systems, Rosalind took part in many different organizations (including the campus sustainability group Common Energy, and Oxfam Canada). She also became involved with UBC Farms where she helped run local farmer’s markets among other tasks. “I’ve really appreciated this experience. It’s a community minded, sustainability oriented organization, so they are doing a lot of education about sustainable food systems.”

Rosalind also notes the ever-changing landscape of food systems and the importance of people when organizing for change. “We must understand that the situation is always changing and anticipating where these issues will be in a few years is hard to determine. However, whenever I feel that I can really connect with a cause and I can connect with the people who are organizing it, then I know that I am in the right place at the right time.”

It is clear that while Rosalind has been positively impacted by her diverse experiences, she has also had a profound influence on those around her. Allison, a friend and co-worker, noted that “Rosalind is one of the most driven and passionate environmentalists I have ever met. We have been involved in many campaigns and projects together and I am always impressed by her enthusiasm, creative spirit and drive. I cannot begin to describe how much Rosalind’s influence has changed my life. She constantly challenges me to do better, push further, and pursue my dreams. I have high expectations for her future.”


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