Environmental law student Kirstin Silvera continues to make positive change.

Photo from Kirstin Silvera.

Photo from Kirstin Silvera.

AGE: 24

Kirstin Silvera is no stranger to The Starfish: she was a finalist in 2011 and again in 2013. In the past year, Kirstin has added an extensive list of projects to her already impressive environmental repertoire.    

Since spending last summer conducting research on the impact of scientific research on Costa Rica’s conservation laws and policies, Kirstin’s recommendations from the research are being implemented within the organizations throughout the Tortuguero Region of Costa Rica.

In addition, Kirstin volunteered with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, where she conducted research on various environmental statutes and laws.

Kirstin is currently in her second year of law school at the University of Windsor. As the Vice President of the Environmental Law Society, she has been coordinating a speaker’s panel on the many facets of Environmental Advocacy and the Law. In addition, the group has been working towards important environmental initiatives at the university, including the introduction of plants in the law building, getting new water bottle refill stations to eliminate disposable plastic water bottle use, working with local restaurants to allow students to use reusable containers for takeout orders and coordinating trips to local conservation areas.

This summer, Kirstin will be working as a law student with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, the largest single entity of environmental lawyers in Canada. In the fall, Kirstin will be attending the University of Lucerne in Switzerland to participate in an exchange program at their law school, where she hopes to refine her skills to be able to tackle environmental challenges on an international, and eventually, a global scale.


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