Moe Qureshi is inspiring change in local communities across Canada.

Photo from Muhammad Qureshi.

Photo from Muhammad Qureshi.


AGE: 21

The concept of nature is often an important part of environmentalists’ interests and motivations. Amongst other initiatives, Moe Qureshi is committed to connecting people with nature in a way that encourages them to appreciate it. His work at the University of Toronto and beyond has landed him in the 24th spot in our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 2014.

His childhood in Mississauga, Ontario involved exploring the many fields and greenspaces with his friends. This experience influenced Moe to become an active environmentalist and explore the industrial changes occurring in his community. Moe’s charisma and ability to connect with others has lead to many outstanding accomplishments.

Moe has been involved with Ontario Nature since June 2010 and is currently a member of the Ontario Nature Youth Council (ONYC). The ONYC’s mission is to build a provincial network of youth dedicated to connecting, inspiring, and educating communities while protecting wild species and wild spaces. Moe and his fellow committee members had to overcome the stereotype that youth should not be taken seriously because of their inexperience. With his colleagues, Moe worked diligently to convince influential people and businesses that their ideas are worth listening to.

In addition to his role on the ONYC, Moe has been a spokesperson for Ontario Nature and has given several workshop demonstrations to interested youth. These presentations are important to encourage and guide youth to become involved with the protection of natural spaces and the environment. Moe’s confidence and enthusiasm allow him to connect with youth and motivate them to take action.

Although Moe does significant work with youth, he also acknowledges the importance of working across generations. He emphasizes that collaboration between youth and adults is vital to achieve change. Moe suggests that “we are all motivated by similar ideas and have assets that can help each other.” Furthermore, Moe claims that adults need to involve youth in the environmental conversation and consult younger generations for their opinion. Fostering an intergenerational dialogue is important because environmental issues impacts all individuals, regardless of age.

It is evident that Moe is energetic about his work and is dedicated to making a difference wherever he goes. As a natural leader, Moe is using his talents to engage individuals of all ages in a conversation about the environment. His knowledge and confidence make him a worthy finalist in our Top 25. We are certain Moe will continue to make waves across Canada and contribute to a greener world!


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