Oceans advocate Faelan Prentice is making waves in Victoria, BC.

Photo from Faelan Prentice.

Photo from Faelan Prentice.

AGE: 17

Faelan’s love of the marine environment and oceans goes back as far as Faelan can remember. When he was nine and living in France, he convinced his parents to bring him to the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.  From here, his love of the environment flourished and he began to realize the impact that humans have on the environment.  As he got older, he began to understand the environment from a political point of view, how political decisions impact the natural environment, and how change can be made through government decisions.

In Faelan Prentice’s third year in high school, after recognizing that there was no student group dedicated to environmental issues, Faelan felt this gap had to be mended.  Faelan helped organize a student group called Action Now, a forum for students to discuss environmental issues, learn from others, and raise awareness. Action Now facilitates student discussion about environmental issues and current events, which allows the students to recognize the different viewpoints of controversial topics and paves the way for broader discussions. Action Now brings in speakers to the school to help the students broaden their environmental knowledge. So far, Action Now has had high profile leaders Elizabeth May, Chris Fretwell from Sierra Club BC, and the Mayor of Saanich to speak to the students and discuss their experiences. In addition, the group aims to increase the level of environmental awareness at their school by hosting campaigns to bring attention to important environmental issues.

His strong passion for marine ecology has led him to not only want to pursue a post-secondary education in marine science, but also to seek opportunities to become more involved with marine research.  Faelan volunteers with Ocean Networks Canada at the University of Victoria, where he observes and analyses data from above board cameras and underwater research vessels.  He also volunteered with Project Seahorse, a project at the University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre, where he learned about marine policy and conservation.  He also gained an in-depth understanding of the difficulties of protecting the marine environment and the challenges to getting protected marine areas.

Through his work, Faelan raises awareness and educates the public about marine ecology and the environmental issues affecting the marine environment, while also inspiring and motivating those he works with.  


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