Photographer Hannah Campbell is capturing the Arctic on camera.

Photo from Hannah Campbell.

Photo from Hannah Campbell.


AGE: 23

One could say that Hannah is taking an innovative approach to environmentalism.

Between volunteering with numerous organizations (including the Stephen Lewis Foundation and the Dr. Jane Goodall Foundation, among many others), traveling to the far corners of the world to gain a deeper understanding of modern environmental issues, and her commitment to exploring environmentalism through the fine arts, Hannah’s unique approach to environmental activism earns her the #6 spot on this year’s Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list.

Hannah remembers being environmentally conscious from a young age. “I grew up being aware of the environment – learning to compost, planting trees, that sort of thing.” Soon, she became increasingly aware of proposed pipelines and other industrial activities in her area, and quickly joined forces with other youth who were also concerned about the future of their environment.  Since then, Hannah has truly been an advocate for the planet.

Though a native of North Vancouver, BC, Hannah has expanded her efforts far outside of British Columbia (where the presence of large-scale industrial development was an important factor in her passion for protecting the environment) - and even outside of Canada. She has traveled to fascinating places all over the world in order to broaden her knowledge of – and involvement with – important environmental issues. Regardless of where she may be in the world – whether at low latitudes (traveling by boat up the Amazon River to assist with relief efforts in the flooded district of Belen, Peru), or at the highest of latitudes (documenting climate change near the Arctic Circle), she remains committed to moving forward with solutions to some of today’s most pressing environmental dilemmas.

Hannah also uses an exceptional talent to combine two of her biggest passions – art and the environment. With a degree in Fine Arts (Photography) from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Hannah’s artistic expertise gives her the liberty of bringing awareness to issues such as climate change in the Arctic through a unique visual medium. In 2013, Hannah was chosen to participate in an artists’ residency program called The Arctic Circle, where she traveled to Svalbard, Norway, and sailed to the outskirts of the North Pole with others who share the same passion for preserving the Arctic. Upon her return, Hannah produced her own solo art show at the Deer Lake Gallery in Burnaby, BC, named ‘Arctic Fiction’. This month-long event featured stunning photographs from her journey, along with the personal stories of strangers who told tales of their experiences in order to bring awareness to the threat of climate change in this extremely vulnerable part of the world. Her work does not stop at photography, however – she has also organized stand-ins against development projects and stages song events (one of which was ingeniously named “Fracked Tea”).

The response to Hannah’s creative approach has been well-received by many audiences – not only those viewing her photography at galleries, but also those who have come across her work online and the various communities she has reached out to over the years. Rather than working as an anonymous outsider within the communities she visits, Hannah ensures that she invites others to share stories inspired by her art and listens to their concerns regarding the environmental impacts of local industrial activity. At the end of the day, Hannah’s work inspires audiences of all backgrounds to learn more about pressing environmental issues and take action – her nominator included. “Personally I have learned from her to open my eyes and educate myself…to realize the choices I make do have a difference.”


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