Sarah FioRito is making Commercial Drive a bike-friendly community.

Photo from Sarah FioRito.

Photo from Sarah FioRito.

AGE: 24

Sarah FioRito is a passionate young environmentalist with a genuine concern for the environment and positive change within Canada. While in university, Sarah realized that environmental issues were not being sufficiently addressed in society, and that she had a moral responsibility to take on environmental initiatives.

Currently, she is working to make Vancouver a more bike-friendly city. She has organized and founded a sustainable streets advocacy organization in East Vancouver called Streets for Everyone. The organization's first campaign focuses on advocating for a more environmentally sustainable redesign of Commercial Drive, an important high street in the heart of East Vancouver. She believes that in order for Vancouver to become a truly sustainable city, it must move away from car-dependence and invest in infrastructure that make driving alternatives, such as walking and bicycling, a safe and desirable option.

Prior to founding the organization, Sarah spent months doing background research on the climate surrounding the Commercial Drive project to best design the campaign in a way that would be inclusive, respectful, and successful in communicating the benefits to the Grandview Woodland community, the neighbourhood where Commercial Drive is located. She has collaborated with a diverse array of stakeholders throughout the community and city, including councillors, engineers, urban planners, area residents, and leading campaigners from major environmental organizations such as Greenpeace and ForestEthics. She has researched extensively about best practices from North America, Europe, and Asia and familiarized herself with the relevant economic information, building upon her sustainable economic policy foundation gained from her studies in the business program at McGill.  

Sarah is also trying to figure out if she can make the most change in the non-profit environmental sector or municipal politics. When asked where she sees herself in the future, she would like to be either running a think tank or advocacy organization, or be involved in municipal politics. Whatever decision she makes, we are confident she will be successful in her endeavours.


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