Talking activism, renewable energy, and organizing with British Columbia’s Sam Harrison.

Photo from Sam Harrison.

Photo from Sam Harrison.


AGE: 17

At a very young age, Sam has proven his ability to empower and inspire others to engage in environmental projects. As an influential leader and organizer, Sam has encouraged youth across Canada to become involved in climate change issues and speak up for what the believe in. At the age of 17, Sam is on a path to a promising future and we are pleased to feature him as number 4 in our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 2014.

Sam’s knowledge and unshakable dedication has grown into a powerful public speaking capability. In January 2013, Sam testified in front of the Joint Review Panel on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. Without hesitation, he took this opportunity to raise critical environmental concerns and motivate others to engage in a similar fashion. The lasting impression Sam had on those watching his speech is telling of his infectious attitude.

Sam’s ability to inspire others continued when he was invited to an event in Windsor, Ontario in front of 8,000 students. This event was also broadcasted on several networks across the province. According to his nominator, Tzeporah Berman, his speech was “passionate, well researched, and effective.” Students in attendance were responsive to his words and he even had the entire arena chanting, “It’s our future!” This kind of enthusiasm and genuine desire to create change is certainly not something you can teach; it is an inherent attitude in an activist like Sam.

Social media is undoubtedly a useful tool when developing a strategy to engage the public. However, Sam offers insightful advice on the use of social media as an organizing strategy. Sam says: “I have learned that although social media can be a great tool, but there is a lack of power to social media as well. It is important to build person-to-person relationships because you cannot build a movement solely online. You can’t click your way to change.” Sam’s first-hand experience has helped him to organize successful events and develop a sense of personal connection with participants.

It is with great pleasure we welcome Sam Harrison to our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 for 2014. The determination of youth like Sam suggests we have a bright, and green future in Canada. The Starfish applauds Sam’s hard work and commitment to a more environmentally conscious world.


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