Tesicca Truong is making Vancouver a more sustainable city.

Photo from Tesicca Truong.

Photo from Tesicca Truong.

AGE: 20

Tesicca is no stranger to the Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 program – her initiatives with the Vancouver School Board landed her a spot on the list just last year in 2013. Since then, Tesicca has continued to show outstanding dedication to the environment, and has proven that she does indeed remain an active environmentalist.  

Tesicca has been hard at work adding to her list of accomplishments since she last appeared as a top environmentalist. After already working to eliminate the sales of plastic bottled water in schools through ‘Vancouver Youth4Tap’, as well as initiating the first Annual Sustainability Conference within the Vancouver School Board, this Vancouverite shows no signs of stopping her efforts to improve the state of our environment.  

If we consider her work just at Simon Fraser University alone in the past year (where she currently attends), she has already served as Board Chair for Sustainable SFU, sent one of the largest youth delegations to PowerShift BC (a conference to involve youth in sustainable energy initiatives), acted as a spokeswoman for the event, hosted a workshop for attendees, and served on the SFU Senate as the Environmental Student Senator. That’s quite the accomplishment in a relatively short period of time – especially bearing in mind the large role such organizations play in encouraging university campuses to consider implementing alternative forms of energy.

Furthermore, Tesicca was one of five Canadians chosen to attend the Natural Leaders Legacy Camp in the United States this past summer, the goal of which is to encourage youth to explore the outdoors and explore nature. She is now a member of the core team for the Natural Leaders Alliance of Canada, working on an upcoming summit in Jasper National Park to continue connecting today’s youth with nature.

Tesicca also continues to ensure that her efforts are noticed locally. Not only does she hold a position within the Engaged City Task Force for the City of Vancouver, but also she is the youngest member on this committee. In this role, she successfully organized an event giving youth the opportunity to provide input of their visions for a sustainable Vancouver.

When asked what she would like to be doing in the future, she replied by expressing interest in assisting existing organizations with developing sophisticated projects to achieve sustainable operations - and she has already begun to do just that. Last summer, she was employed by the Vancouver Airport Authority to help develop an Environmental Management Plan and benchmarked YVR's sustainability initiatives against other leading airports. In addition, she is currently working as an Environmental Analyst for the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, where she is implementing multiple programs to create a culture or sustainability within the organization, including waste reduction, green commuting and battery recycling initiatives.  

Watch out, world - Tesicca is well on her way to making big changes in the way we think about our environment.  Congratulations on your second year as a Top Environmentalist Under 25, Tesicca!


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