Vancouver's Alexandria Mitchell: A young leader in Canadian environmental politics.

Photo from Alexandria Mitchell.

Photo from Alexandria Mitchell.

AGE: 20

At the very young age of 15, Alexandria Mitchell was making a positive environmental impact in her community. A school science project led her to present a proposal to install recycling programs in schools to the city officials of Abbotsford, British Columbia. Patricia Ross, a city councillor, remembers the event well. “Her research was so thorough, her arguments so articulate and convincing, that [the counsellors] couldn’t say no!”

On top of her current degree requirements at UBC, she has also held positions as the Communications Manager for the International Student Energy Summit, on the Fraser Basin Council’s Youth Committee (and represented them at events like the Cohen Commission), and a Volunteer Coordinator for the Fraser Valley Conservancy. She also sat on a Board of Directors for the Abbotsford Youth Commission.

In May 2013, Alexandria headed off to New Delhi, India to commit energy and time toward the Energy and Resources Institute under IPCC Chairman Dr. Pachauri. Here, she had the chance to work as a research analyst, providing policy advice and guidance. From aiding sustained low carbon development program management in Guyana's rainforest to high level meetings on European climate negotiations across the EU, she has gained an expansive understanding of energy issues and how they thread into the world’s current political and economic tapestries.

In addition to serving on the management team of a publication called The Commonsense Canadian, Mitchell is completing the final months of a degree in Political Sciences and Canadian Studies at UBC.  During this period she has been able to broaden her perspective on global energy issues and climate policy, desiring to enter the field of politics.

In the next year, Mitchell looks to complete an MBA in sustainable business practices while focusing on learning more about the Canadian Arctic and the effects that climate change will have on its peoples, resources, and management by Canada.


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