Wendy Li is making a mark in Hamilton, Ontario.

Photo from Wendy Li.

Photo from Wendy Li.

AGE: 17

At 17, Wendy Li has already been extremely involved as an environmental leader in her community of Hamilton, Ontario. Her supervisor, Clare Wagner from Neighbour to Neighbour, describes Wendy as “thoughtful, inquisitive and wise beyond her years.” She also says that Wendy has already done “more than most adults for the environmental movement in Hamilton.”

Wendy first became interested in the environmental sector while doing her community service hours as a volunteer with Green Venture during the summer after grade nine. By 2012, she was in charge of her high school’s community garden club, which quickly expanded under her leadership from two students to a current average of 15 to 20 students. She also added social media, community events, and creative fundraisers to the club. Additionally, she created cooking and preserving classes for students less interested in gardening.

Wendy currently volunteers with Environment Hamilton and Green Venture, working on gardening projects, helping with the Hamilton Farmers market community kitchen, and working as a co-op student for Neighbour to Neighbour. Her position also involves hosting an Edible Education stakeholder meeting to lay the groundwork for future school garden and food projects.

Wendy intends to complete a university degree in International Studies in the near future. She hopes to include economics, politics, environmental biology and business into her degree to have a well-rounded approach to environmental decision-making. Eventually, she hopes to work for an international organization, in either environmental justice or food security and development.

Motivated, young Wendy definitely has a bright, successful future ahead of her, given the fact that she has already made a name for herself and left a mark on society. Her supervisor notes that “every time I’ve mentioned Wendy to a group of Hamilton’s environmental leaders, everyone knows her name.”


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