What does Earth Day mean to Christina Stratford?

Photo by Michael Daines | flickr.com

Photo by Michael Daines | flickr.com

Our friend, and teacher extraordinaire, Mrs. Horst, asked her Grade 7 Students at Sir Ernest Macmillan Public School  "What does Earth Day mean to you?". Here's what Christina Stratford had to say.

What words come to mind when you think about Earth?  Beautiful, luscious… our home.  Yet there are only some places on our planet that look like what I have just described. If you want to make every place in the world look like this, then Earth Day is for you! On April 22, people from all around the world help out by doing little things in their community to improve the environment. According to Earth Day Network, more than 1 billion people have participated in Earth Day. Imagine how much garbage is picked up or how much electricity is saved when people participate - and that's only one day's work!

Unfortunately, there are some who  think it is a waste of time and effort. Do not let that affect what you will do on Earth Day.  When you do a small deed, like picking up garbage off the street, you really do help the environment.  Imagine if every person picked up one piece of garbage each day.  Think of how clean the Earth could be! By the looks of things, this planet is where your children and your children's children will live.  If we can do our part now, we will make a difference for them. This is your chance to show your community that you are passionate about respecting the Earth.  If you can convince one person to join in, and that person convinces another and so on, we could make a huge impact in a good way.  

Earth is the only planet we call home. If garbage continues to pile up, what are we going to do? This is our planet. This is our home. Consider Earth Day as an opportunity to pick up that piece of garbage or turn out the lights when you leave a room.  We are the only ones who can make the difference.  It does not matter how big or small you are - we can make change possible. Together, we can make a difference.