What does Earth Day mean to Sam Bisutti?

Photo from Michael Foley | flickr.com

Photo from Michael Foley | flickr.com

Our friend, and teacher extraordinaire, Mrs. Horst, asked her Grade 7 Students at Sir Ernest Macmillan Public School  "What does Earth Day mean to you?". Here's what Sam Bisutti had to say.

April 22nd - not only is it my birthday, but it is also the day of an environmental event taking place all over the world. It’s Earth Day, and that means many things, to many different people. Let me explain what Earth day means to me, and some ideas on what you can do on Earth Day.

I believe that Earth Day is a day to appreciate the planet that we live on. It’s a day to do something involving the nature around you. You could go on a hike or go to an environmental event. For example, you could see a bird tagging or a presentation on what we need to do to protect this planet. You could simply watch a documentary like Planet Earth or An Inconvenient Truth. Do something that respects this wonderful planet. Perhaps try to find something you can do to improve it. This Earth day is on a Monday, and I’m busy on Mondays. So, if you’re busy like me, just do something the day before, or after.

One thing I know for sure is that I definitely need to cut down on my shower time. Just one little deed can make a difference. It may not be big, but if everyone on the entire planet did something, it would change the world. Think of it like an environmental New Year’s Resolution. There is always a way to improve. If you think you are doing everything perfectly, the chances are you’re probably wrong. So, learn something new, because you can make a difference! I hope you all have a wonderful Earth Day.

Bio: Hi, I’m Sam Bisutti. I’m currently in grade 7, and go to Sir Ernest Macmillan in Burlington, Ontario. I have enjoyed the outdoors, basketball and writing since I was little.