Will Gadd conquers a Frozen Titan.

Will Gadd can’t stay still. When he’s not ice-climbing Niagara Falls, or paragliding from the Rocky Mountains to the United States border, he can be found climbing the same route for 24 consecutive hours or trail running with his toddler strapped to his back.

His charged appetite to experience life’s extremes has earned him the title of “Adventurer of the Year” from National Geographic. It’s mesmerizing to watch his adventures on-screen. Will Gadd’s magnetic energy draws the audience into his world; scrambling icebergs in the middle of the Atlantic ocean like a kid on a playground, laughing while paragliding hundreds of metres through the air. As a viewer, you forget for brief moments that these adventures can be possibly out of reach. His idea of human ability pushes the limits with the simplest philosophy - Want to get out and truly experience life? Figure it out and make it happen.

Frozen Titans takes the audience for a ride on possibly his most thrilling obsession to date - the unique spray ice formations at Helmcken Falls, British Columbia, are considered the hardest ice and mixed climbing spot in the world.

“I wish I knew how long it takes to put up a route like this, but I have no clue because nobody’s done it.” Gadd’s voice comes through in a mix of excitement and awe as the camera pans an aerial shot of the falls. The 140-meter cave is a constantly moving landscape, transforming from a surging waterfall to a blizzard in moments when the water spray hits the below-freezing air.

The waterfall can only be mastered at sub-zero temperatures, when the rocks surrounding the cave are held in place by the frozen spray. But this actually makes the climb that much more difficult, because those same layers of ice end up encrusting all of Gadd’s gear, leaving a thick layer around his rope to constantly fight through.

Frozen Titans depicts both the beauty and rigor of Helmcken Falls, and the determination of the human spirit embodied by Gadd’s team in making this ascent a success. At 47, this climb was the highlight of Gadd’s career.

Let this film be an inspiration to you to explore the outdoors and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. And know there is always someone out there by the name of Will Gadd that’s pushed himself just a little bit further.