Divestment leader Bronwen Tucker is organizing for change at McGill.

Photo: Bronwen Tucker

Photo: Bronwen Tucker

AGE: 22
HOMETOWN: Montreal, Quebec

Written with contributions from nominator Kelsey Mech.

“Bronwen gives so much to her community and the people that she works with, and in turn, gives so much back to the world. Through the past year, Bronwen accomplished so much and grew both as an individual and as an organizer and activist.”

That’s what Bronwen’s nominator has to say about this Divest McGill organizer that’s been working to divest McGill University from fossil fuel investments.

Bronwen is one of the main organizers for the Divest McGill fossil fuel divestment campaign at McGill University. She took a lead role in organizing the campaign and successfully helped garner the support of over 100 faculty and 1,500 students. She worked to take the campaign to the Board of Governors and the President of the university for consideration. This action is no small feat - hundreds of hours of research, presentations, lobbying and other efforts went into the pitch. While the campaign has not yet been successful, it is a strong example of Bronwen's commitment, organizing ability and teamwork.

As part of her work with Divest McGill, she was one of the three main volunteer organizers of the first ever National Fossil Fuel Divestment Convergence that took place in Montreal in November. This event, run by the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition, brought together organizers from 17 divestment campaigns across the country for a weekend of networking, skill-building, training and connection. Bronwen tirelessly helped in organizing logistics in the lead up to the Convergence. As her nominator notes, “Her always smiling face and enthusiasm, even when the rest of us were ready to collapse from exhaustion, brightened everyone on the team.”

Bronwen also takes her climate work abroad and attended COP 20 this past December with the Canadian Youth Delegation. She was able to contribute vast amounts of written products and report-backs for the canadian constituency she so aptly represented. It’s this tenacity that’s led her to represent Canada again at COP 21 in Paris this year.

Her future looks bright as she aims to continue her work in climate mitigation policy. She’s thinking about graduate school to pursue research into climate solutions that also act to create more equitable societies. Whether she gets back to the books or continues to advocate for divestment solutions, we’re confident Bronwen will be at the forefront of great environmental change.

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