Three-time finalist Chuk Odenigbo is working to make a more sustainable Alberta.

Phoot: Chuk Odenigbo.

Phoot: Chuk Odenigbo.

AGE: 23
HOMETOWN: Wolfe Island, Ontario

Chuk has appeared as a finalist twice before. Since the last nomination, for which his work with Aifen Environment Protection in China was highlighted, he graduated from university and has been working for an environmental consultancy in Calgary, Alberta.

As a passionate change-maker in the environmental field (from fundraising to communications campaigns), he's set his sights on encouraging an oil company to reroute their proposed pipeline, or select another area to drill wells that is less damaging to the natural environment. In his assessment reports, Chuk includes suggestions to mitigate environmental issues that could arise and throw in monetary and liability-based incentives as to why they should choose an alternative, even if it isn't mandated by law.

Outside of his job, he volunteers with Start from Scratch, a local organisation that teaches university students to cook healthy home-made meals using locally sourced ingredients - all free of charge.

He is also working with the Green Party of Alberta as one of their volunteers, providing a scientific perspective on campaign issues relating to the environment.  He researches new facilities in Alberta (such as the proposed new waste processing facility at Ryley, Alberta) and provides input on whether it is an environmental step forward and whether the party should  take a political position.

He continues his work internationally as a peer reviewer for academic papers submitted to the Royal Society of Chemistry. For expanding his influence, Chuk is definitely a passionate person we are excited to hear from again.

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