Upcycling leader Sherry Wong is helping others reduce their waste.

Photo: Sherry Wong.

Photo: Sherry Wong.

AGE: 18
HOMETOWN: Cambridge, Ontario

“Nature is my friend. Simple is my style. Repurposing junk is my hobby. Saving the planet Earth is my goal”. This is how Sherry Wong describes herself. A biomedical student at York University, Sherry feels like a simple change can make a big difference.

Sherry started out participating in her high school’s environment club, and by grade 11 she was hosting her own projects and competitions. As the President of the EcoSchools Team in grade 11, she successfully led the team by introducing green initiatives to her school and community.

“During the time I worked with Sherry, I learned that her passions were many and very community oriented”, says Kaitlyn, her nominator. “She has also demonstrated her commitment to our environment”. Sherry has shown this dedication through the numerous newspaper articles she’s written on environmental issues; She acts as a role model, encouraging students to put the environment first; and not only is she interested in addressing the issue of waste but also body care products.

As Kaitlyn describes “[Sherry] promotes natural beauty by hosting workshops to show how to use natural organic ingredients to make lotions and our daily beauty and personal care products. Sherry has created a group of peers who offer to share how to create your own cosmetics and self-care products, thus reducing the environmental impact of our hazardous chemicals on people, animals and our environment.”

One of the most unique and innovative projects was Sherry’s founding and leading of the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Upcycling Competition. This competition aims to motivate students from across the Kitchener-Waterloo region to use recycled materials in DIY projects. “Her creativity has inspired others to believe that an eco-friendly life style is the best way to preserve our earth”, says Kaitlyn.

April 2015 was the 3rd annual DIY Upcycling Competition and there has been great response from the community with over 150 pieces of creative upcycled project submissions over both elementary and high school categories. About the competition, Sherry says “[it was a] very eye-opening experience, [and] showed me how to plan a great event that can mobilize schools”.

“Through her many initiatives, it is evident that Sherry is an exceptional young environmental role model”, says Kaitlyn. “Sherry’s philosophy is that she does not want to protect the environment; Instead, she wants to create an environment that does not require protecting…I have learned from her that one person’s effort, no matter how small, is another step taken towards the goal of producing a better environment for our future generations.”

For her passion and drive to advocate living a green lifestyle, promoting environmental awareness, and for being an environmental mentor and leader in her community, The Starfish Canada is pleased to name Sherry Wong as number 18 on our Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 list this year.

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