Vancouver's Aaron Leung is a youth sustainability education leader.

Photo: Aaron Leung.

Photo: Aaron Leung.

AGE: 18
HOMETOWN: Vancouver, British Columbia

Six years ago, when Aaron was in the 7th grade, he showcased his amazing leadership skills by establishing a school-wide battery recycling program and a competition between classes that still exists to this day. From a young age, he realized his drive and passion for the environment, and took action when he was determined to put sustainability in the spotlight at his school.

Aaron Leung exemplifies motivational youth who are willing to make a difference in their communities. He is one of the founding members of the Vancouver School Board’s Sustainability Conference (VSBSC), whose suggestions have been successfully incorporated into the Rangers Zero Waste and Sustainable Schools Leadership Clinic.

In 2014, he won the City of Vancouver Greenest City Leadership Award for his effort in promoting environmentalism within Vancouver and working with the Vancouver School Board. He co-presented the Youth4Tap proposal as well as Vancouver School Board Sustainability Conference proposal to the Vancouver School Board within the same year. He is currently one of the Planning Committee members of the Vancouver Youth Sustainability Network, which gathers youth environmentalists from all over Vancouver to reach the common objective of promoting sustainability.

His work is fueled be the friendships he has made while pursuing his passions in the environmental field. You can tell by the way his colleagues glow when talking about him.  As he begins his first year in Simon Fraser University, Aaron is excited to meet new people, and knows he is leaving behind great friends who will continue making a difference.

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